Street Names
Dodge Street
Dodge Street bears the name of Augustus C. Dodge. He was the U.S. Senator who
introduced the bill that resulted in the organization of the Territory of Nebraska in 1854.

Davenport Street
Named by a group of bankers from Davenport, Iowa, who opened a branch-banking
house in Florence. The street was named in honor of their hometown and also honors a
leading family of that city.

Chicago Street
Chicago, Illinois. “Chicago, Davenport, and Omaha” were on the direct line of travel to the
gold fields.

Cass Street
Named in honor of Lewis Cass, Secretary of State in President Buchanan’s cabinet. He
ran for President of the U.S. in 1848 but was defeated by Zachary Taylor.

California Street
Said to have been named because the gold seekers of the early 1850’s landed near the
foot of this street. They crossed the Missouri River on the “Lone Tree” ferry and
continued their way west via “California” Street.

Webster Street
Named in honor of Colonel E. Daniel Webster, private secretary to Marlin H. Seward, the
Secretary of State. Col. Webster was instrumental in organizing the Republican Party. He
died in 1852, two years before Omaha was platted. The street led to and from the
Webster Street depot.

Burt Street
Named in honor of Francis Burt, first territorial governor of Nebraska. He died of colitis in
Bellevue on October 18, 1854, only 12 days after his arrival in the territory.

Cuming Street
Named in honor of Thomas B. Cuming, second territorial governor of Nebraska, who
succeeded Francis Burt.


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