The Garage
“Way back when, “ the auto repair shop
known today as Robinson’s Garage on
33rd street was a Blacksmith Shop, doing
a good business with the horses of that
day. Borg’s Garage was established
about 1925 in that same location and was
the second oldest general auto repair
garage in Omaha according to Ray Borg,
son of Carl Borg, the operator of Borg’s
Garage. The oldest repair shop was
located downtown about 29th and
Robinson's Garage
Borg’s Garage began as the Montclair Garage on Cuming
Street where Borg was in partnership with Ray Keaton.
After the move to 33rd and after Borg bought out Keaton it
was called Borg’s Montclair Garage and later just Borg's.
Borg employed several mechanics, and when his sons
Ray, Charles and Carl were old enough they also worked
in their father’s shop. They worked on Model T’s and A’s,
and occasionally a Willy’s Knight, a Pierce-Arrow, a
Marquette, a LaSalle, and a Cord. At that time oil was
about 25 cents a quart and gasoline was 17 cents a gallon.
Carl Borg
Carl Borg died in March 1943, and since his sons were then in the Air Force in WW II, the
garage was sold to Virgil Johnson who operated it under Borg’s name until Bill Robinson
took over in the spring of 1958. Robinson, with sons Dale and Doug, operated the garage
until fall of 1987 when Bill retired and Dale Robinson took over as owner and operator.
Bill and his wife, Lorna, enjoyed several years traveling the country in their motor home.
Bill died in 1994 and Lorna is living in Omaha. Dale Robinson works on all makes of cars
and trucks and provides excellent computer car work and general repair work having
attended GM School to keep up-to-date on the latest models. Dale’s son, Gabe, is now
working in the shop with his father. The price of oil has risen to $1.54 and Robinson’s no
longer sell gasoline.
Dale Robinson & son,
Gabe Robinson

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