Compiled from articles appearing in
Gifford Park’s Pride (1991 to 1999)
This booklet is dedicated to the founders and officers, past and present, of the Gifford
Park Neighborhood Association. Because of their efforts we have a great group of people
who work hard to make and keep our neighborhood viable and vibrant.
When I agreed to be Historian for the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association I reasoned
that all I would have to do was to keep a scrapbook to record the activities of the
neighborhood. Then the editor of the newsletter asked me to write some articles about
the past and present businesses on 33rd Street. After all, that was history. I said “yes,”
thinking there would probably be two or three stories and that would be it, but, it was like
popcorn—one story led to another and another and another. It was interesting! Here is a
collection of the articles about the people and the businesses on 33rd Street, Cass to
-Eva Swanson
All who shared their stories about the neighborhood; Archives at the Historical Society of
Douglas County; Judi Caban, article in Gifford Park’s Pride ; Leo Wilwerding, articles in
Gifford Park’s Pride; Chris Foster, list of events, desktop composing, and photographs;
other photographs by Eva Swanson.
Gifford Park Historian
Eva Swanson

in collaboration with
Chris Foster
Gifford Park Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 31462, Omaha, NE 68131-0462
Gifford Park
History Book